"Duplicity Girls" at the Centaur Theatre's Wildside Fesitval

From the company that brought you the Mecca award-winning "My Pregnant Brother"

by Ned Cox

Directed by Tanner Harvey
Starring Paula Costain and Johanna Nutter

A Freestanding Production

January 5th, 8th, and 11th at 7pm
13th @ 9pm, 16th at 3pm

Centaur Theatre
453 St. François-Xavier
Montreal‎ Quebec‎ H2Y 2T1

Metro Place d'Armes

Box Office
centaurtheatre.com or 514 288 3161

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"Crisply written, expertly directed and sublimely performed... a haunting, thoroughly disturbing and mysterious piece about identity and existence. You'll be talking about it when you leave."
- Gaëtan L. Charlebois, The Charlebois Post

“Reality is split in two in Duplicity Girls, a thought-provoking new play that will leave you with unanswered questions and a desire to find the answers.”
- Rachel Lau, The Concordian

“A theatrical gem... Johanna Nutter and Paula Costain deftly play the two slightly bizarre sisters. They exchange dialogue and hand off power and dominance in smooth and pitch perfect performances.”
- Anna Fuerstenberg, Rover Arts

“Duplicity Girls invokes the same sense of elusive haunting that Ingmar Bergman achieves in his 1967 film Persona... Guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.”
- Erin Hershberg, martiniboys.com

“Paula Costain and Johanna Nutter present an hour of very disturbing theatre. They talk, intensely and claustrophobically, and argue like children, tormenting each other until it’s hard to know what is real or if they’re even alive. It’s well worth seeing.”
- Cathryn Symons, camdenkiwi.org


Which is the real twin? Perdita is her sister Isobel's only link to the outside world, but their daily rituals are getting to be a strain on them both. Here in their claustrophobic house, on this snowy winter's afternoon, there are Martini-stoked memories of a childhood that may never have been shared.Anger over duplicities and deaths that may never have happened. A Vaudeville act that may never have seen the limelight. Reality may be just another luxury for the Duplicity Girls.
"Duplicity Girls" premiered in Montreal in October 2009, starring Paula Costain as Perdita and Johanna Nutter as Isabel, with direction by Tanner Harvey. Following a very successful, two- week showcase at the Freestanding Room, "Duplicity Girls" was invited to London’s much lauded White Bear Theatre Club where it played to enthusiastic crowds for a limited run in February 2010.